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Secure, encrypted,
no file upload needed.

When a digital document (.pdf, .mp3, .exe, etc...) is shared between many people, NotiFile can be used to create a discussion hub about that document.

This happens independently from how the file has been shared, where each person stores it, who has a copy of it, how and when they have obtained it, and whether or not you have their contact details.

How? Just drag a file into NotiFile, and access the corresponding group chat. You’re the first to do so? Congratulations, you’re now the file’s manager in NotiFile.

NotiFile keeps your communications centered on files rather than on email threads, as a single hub for discussion, versioning, approvals, and updates.

Files dragged into NotiFile never leave your computer, yet they automatically become private group chats. Files are never uploaded to our servers. Others can access group chats by dragging the same file into their NotiFile window.

Track & Drop

Follow your files
in one move

Tracking your files has never been simpler. Whether you’re wondering about a given file’s version, collaborators, annotations, or statuses, NotiFile gives you the answer with no more than a simple drag and drop.

Drag any file from your hard drive, email attachments, cloud storage, or any other source into NotiFile app window to see whether a newer version of that file is available, to read or share comments about that file, and to request to be notified when new comments and file versions are available.

Fast, secure, hassle free

Skip the boring parts,
even the log-in

NotiFile saves you time, and respects your privacy. Users can share comments, discuss, approve, and add new versions of a file, only if they own the original or an exact copy of that file. NotiFile doesn’t store your tracked documents, and all file-related activity is heavily encrypted.

In a hurry? Optionally skip the log-in procedure and directly drag a file to the app window. Since only those with your file can access its tracking, and since your file isn't stored on our servers, everything related to that file remains private even without log-in.


Get in early,
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Our closed beta is coming soon. By pre-registering, you will get early access to all its features, discounts on the final products, the possibility to invite your friends, and a say in the app's development.

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